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Web Development Toolkit and Best Practices

Integrated Development Environments (IDE)

A programming environment integrated into a software application that provides a GUI builder, a text or code editor, a compiler and/or interpreter and a debugger. The IDE may be a standalone application or may be included as part of one or more existing and compatible applications.

Application lifecycle management: (ALM) is the integration of business management to software engineering made possible by tools that facilitate and integrate requirements management, architecture, coding, testing, tracking, and release management.

Some examples of IDEs :

Other GUI Tools for: DatabaseWeb developmentXML applicationsEnterprise Modeling & DesignMaths and Science

Java Interviews

Java Certificate Program

The Oracle Certification Program (Program Categories, Oracle Java Certifications ) are IT Professional certifications for Oracle and Sun Microsystems products[1]. They are meant to verify a particular skillset in Oracle technologies, especially the Java programming language, Oracle database and the Solaris Operating System.
E.g. Oracle Certified Professional Java SE Programmer, Java EE Web Component Developer, Java EE Enterprise Architect . Oracle's certification program (See: and Oracle Certification - Finder, or Java and Middleware) in Java technology is an industry recognized, worldwide program that focuses on critical job roles in software application development and enterprise architecture. The following links will be helpful to study these certificate exams.


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