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Java SE Platform

Formerly Java Platform name was J2SE but renamed to Java Standard Edition or shortly: Java SE when the Java 2 convention was dropped with the release of Java 5 SE [formerly J2SE 1.5], see version history. Many people think Java programming language is a Java SE API. Java SE Platform's this API provides the core functionality of the Java programming language, e.g. defines basic types and objects, high-level classes that are used for networking, security, database access via JDBC, GUI development (AWT, and Swing), XML processing, JNDI and etc. Besides this API, Java SE platform (below picture,) consists of a JVM, development tools, deployment technologies, other class libraries and toolkits commonly used in Java technology applications. See Features and Benefits, Java Platform Overview and below list of items for more detail.

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Java for Beginners

Below links can be used as a starting point for developers whom are new to Java or starting it from scratch. Also there is a described roadmap-From Novice to Professional which is a plan for how to continue learning and improving your knowledge on Java related technologies.

Table: Java for Total Beginners

Main Java Tutorials and Practices

Below table contains links, which can be very useful to improve your Java knowledge and learn its advanced concepts. Also you can find some useful examples and some good solution practices which can be applied during software implementation, e.g. Algorithmic complexity - Big-O

Table: Tutorials on Advanced Java and Selected APIs

Table: Java Regular Expressions, NIO, Design Patterns, Exception Handling, i18n

Table: Java best practices and performance, robustness, security and etc

As a complement to this topic, see also: • Java Essentilas, • Java InterviewsProject Health ToolsJava Toolkit

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Java Specialized Topics

Java Pros And Cons (Advantages, Drawbacks, Comparing with other Languages, etc.)

Other Tools: Java ToolkitAPI'sProgrammer's CornerWebDev. ToolsDatabase ToolsModeling & DesignMultimediaMaths and Science


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