internet connection Internet a worldwide network of networks. It is also the network of networks that connects millions computers ( hosts). The internet is the virtual space in which users send and receive email, login to remote computers ( telnet), browse databases of information ( gopher, WWW, WAIS), and send and receive programs (ftp) contained on these computers. Please click the picture, to see visualization of the various routes through a portion of the internet connection. With more than 1 billion users in 2009, as of June 2012 more than 2.4 billion people, and world-wide WORLD INTERNET USAGE today the Internet is poised to become a fully pervasive infrastructure providing anywhere, anytime connectivity. With the further deployment of wireless technologies, the number of users of the Internet is expected to jump to some 4 billion in a matter of few years. As the Internet extends its reach and serves an ever growing population of users and intelligent devices, new innovative services are introduced, demanding an environment which supports innovation, creativity and economic growth [1] [2] .

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