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Welcome to visit my site. Sahet (sähetli gün) means " right day for intended good deed" or shortly "good day" in Türkmen language. Sahet.NET is a web guide in action, aims to categorize some useful-revisited links into specific groups.

Every minute of every day new materials are joined to the Internet. Sahet.NET is a "definitive web guide" which groups some high quality Internet materials and sites that can be helpful for pre-school kids, students, parents, or any other users. Also, some information is aggregated via referenced links, in a coherent and easily accessible way. This will be useful to software developers especially for beginners. It shows very organized way of self-studying and improving.

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Please, note that, this site is non profitable. It can be used freely by any internet user. Used materials, resources, redirected links in this site are used only for being a guide or being helpful for users. Especially for kids and students. I aim to enlarge this project by the time tag_faces, yours Sahet.NET

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